Time to take a break

Image by Nishanth Jois under a Creative Commons license

As of today this blog is taking a sabbatical of sorts. I believe it’s time I stepped away from Dad’s Pixels for a while and see if later on I get a second wind and possibly bring some life back into this blog. The same fate awaits the different social media channels I’ve kept around Dad’s Pixels. If you’re following me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram or Tumblr don’t expect much action going on there anytime soon.

I’m not giving up on blogging altogether, though. I do plan to continue writing; now in Spanish, my native language, this time using a different medium (see what I did there?) and of course I could always change my mind and before you knew it I’d be back at it here, giving blogging in English a second try.

So that’s going to be it for now. So long everybody. It was nice knowing ya.

Image by Nishanth Jois under a Creative Commons license

A photo of a photo

I knew this was a shot I had to get. Isabel, our youngest photographing Maria, her older sister striking a crazy pose. I’m glad I was there to capture the moment which has attracted its share of likes on Instagram, thus my decision to share it here as well. Hope you like.

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Hard times…and how true it is that God provides

As a Catholic I’ve always heard that when it comes to God there are no coincidences. What may seem like a chance event or sheer luck falls precisely within the grand plan He has for all of us.

Smiling through hard times

Smiling through hard times

Wifey and I have been experiencing, let’s call it, less than favorable economic circumstances (our old car has made several trips to the mechanic’s and buying school clothes and supplies for the Fantastic Four hasn’t made things any easier for us) so a couple of days ago, as I sat feeling all broody and grumpy, going over my WordPress Reader I came across this delightful blog post which reminded me that literally, God will provide. My first reaction was “wow, another parent blogger experiencing tight economic realities. What a coincidence that I should come across this blog post on a day like today, when I’m so blue and down in the dumps”. Then I remembered. There’s no such thing as luck. Good or bad. This was simply God’s way of reminding me that he’s taking care of us and that no matter how bad things are looking now, all of this falls perfectly in place within he’s will, which ultimately, is nothing less than the salvation of our souls.

So thank you very much, Linda Petersen, for that wonderfully inspiring blog of yours and for helping me internalize the fact that there is a God and that he’s our loving Father who will never, ever; under no circumstance let us perish.

Four blogs I’ve recently left comments on

So this is how people blogged back in ancient times.

So this is how people blogged back in ancient times.

I’m just posting this here as a reminder of the four blog posts I read today that called my attention enough to leave a comment on. You may or may not want to go read them yourself, if parenting, photography, depression and blogging are things you like to read about.

Without further ado, I give you:

Links, links and nothing but links.

Image: A Pompeian Beauty, Blogging, after Raffaele Giannetti by Mike Licht, under a Creative Commons license.

10 signs you’re a parentographer

So you’re a mom or a dad and you take tons of photos of your kids. You’re a parent. You’re a photographer. Yes, you’re a parentographer. Here are 10 signs that will help you realize this is a job combo you’ve unknowingly been doing ever since your first child was born.

Parentographers occasionally capture images worth keeping

Parentographers occasionally capture images worth keeping

Let’s get to it, shall we?

  1. You carry a camera with you everywhere you go. And I’m not just talking about the one that comes with your phone. You actually haul an old-fashioned point-&-shoot or a badass dSLR every time you have to run errands with junior strapped to the car seat.
  2. Your Facebook friends (or the strangers from high school you thought were your friends 20 years ago) puke whenever you post yet another shot of your little ones at the pool, while potty training, on back-to-school day, etc.
  3. The only photo of your kids missing from your Instagram feed is the one of them covered in their own poop the day you completely forgot to change their diapers. Wait. Nope. It’s there too.

    You seriously think this has a place in Instagram?

    You seriously think this has a place in Instagram?

  4. Your kids flee whenever they hear you say “wait, this light’s perfect; let me get my camera”.
  5.  Everyone in the universe has access to all of your kids’ photos (because you’re that careless on the internet) except your parents who are still trying to figure out how to see the photos you sent as email attachments back in 2001.
  6. It’s always your spouse with the kids in all those photos, and never you; meaning no one else can be trusted with the sacred assignment of documenting your children’s goofy faces.
  7. You go as far as photographing your kids while they’re having stitches taken at the ER.
  8. You wonder what people that have no children take photos of.
  9. You wonder why people that don’t own a camera or a smartphone have children.
  10. And last but not least; you start a blog about your passion for photography, specially about your passion for photographing your kids. Yup. Guilty as charged.

There you have it folks; if you see any of these signs in your photo-taking habits it probably means you’re a parentographer. Welcome to the club. You’ve nothing to be ashamed of.

Why Dad’s Pixels? The story of my blog’s title

I love Dad’s Pixels. And by that I mean, the name I’ve chosen for this blog. For a year or so after I decided to test the waters in the exciting world of dad-blogging I had the hardest time choosing and then sticking with a name for my blog.

First there was Dad In The Cloud, which was supposed to be about my experience as a dad and my addiction to the internet. That didn’t last long. The name really never said much to me (or to anyone else, I guess) and thus I decided to switch it to Dad In Prayer, with a new focus on Catholicism and how it has influenced the way Wifey and I have raised our children. Looking back now I wonder why I never gave that title a fighting chance. Instead what I did was shut down the blog and call it quits. Which brings us to today and Dad’s Pixels.

So, why Dad’s Pixels?

dianaAfter weeks of heavy-duty meditating I realized that besides my wife and kids, there was another thing I was passionate about: Photography. So I thought I’d blog about my experience as a dad as seen through the lens of a camera, and the photo-sharing opportunities today’s internet has got to offer. Having a clear picture in my head about what this new blogging endeavor was going to be about, I set out to look for the perfect name and soon enough I  came across PetaPixel.com, the fine photography website loved, read and followed by so many in the industry. The word pixel and its relation to digital photography stuck in my head and before I knew it the name was there, sitting in front of me: Dad’s Pixels. My pixels. The millions and millions of pixels that put together reveal a lifetime of parenting and family life in all those photos I’ve taken ever since I bought my first digital camera. After learning that the Twitter handle was available I bought the domain and here we are; blogging about family, photography and the web; a tagline that was really easy to come up with after the whole concept of Dad’s Pixels had emerged.

So, no you guys over at Blogging 101; I’m not about to change the title or tagline of this blog. My writing may not be the finest there is and my photos may actually stink a little bit, but one thing I plan to keep with me for years to come is Dad’s Pixels and its orbiting social media accounts.

What am I doing here?

That’s a pretty good question and a difficult one to answer.

After things didn’t go exactly the way I had planned with a blogging experiment I tried to conduct over the last few months (in a nutshell, I tried moving this blog to Squarespace in the hopes of being able to monetize it) here I am again, kind of starting things all over again; thus my taking part in Blogging 101 to see if I can remedy whatever it is I’ve been doing wrong all along.

Who am I and what am I doing here?

In order not to get too philosophical here, allow me to just say that I’m a 46-year old catholic dad of four, passionately addicted to my family, photography and the internet. These are the things I write about here most often, with the occasional off-topic post about sports and what have you.

Now, why I’ve chosen to blog about these things is a whole other story. Originally my intention was to simply connect with other blogging dads (and moms, too) and take part in the online discussion regarding parenting, tech and photography. But then out of nowhere came this urge that I should be making some money from my blogging efforts with the not-so-encouraging results blogs with near-zero readers usually get. So here I am again. Like I said before, trying to start all over again, with the pure intention of writing about the things I’m passionate about, hoping to inspire and be inspired by the acquaintances I make along the way.

So there you have it, folks. For those of you that have followed this blog for some time, please know that for the next four weeks I’ll be taking part in WordPress.com’s Blogging 101 course, which will involve the occasional blog post about prompts and ideas suggested by the team in charge. The challenge started today and you might still have a chance in case you want to enroll.